Holidays in Spain

When to visit

During the Summer months Spain has predominately warm and sunny Mediterranean climate with temperatures reaching their highest in the interior of the country, as a result many city residents will travel to the coast to take advantage of the war coastal breeze. Spain is a large country with a varied landscape so the climate can vary greatly however because of its location even the winter months the weather could be considered mild in compared to others across the globe with the temperatures rarely dropping into single digits.

Notable dates

15-19th March Las Fallas de Valencia is an important festival that occurs each year to rejoice at the arrival of spring and to celebrate Saint Jose. The main event of Las Fallas is the burning in the evening of statues and the release of fireworks however festival goers can also enjoy bullfights, music, parades, roller-coaster, Paella contests as well as flower offerings spread out across the city.

Feria De Abril (April fair of Seville) this week-long festival begins with the lighting of the entrances to the fairground. During the weeks activities you can totally immerse yourself in the Spanish culture with events being wrapped up by world class flamenco dancers. This is a must for any traveller looking to experience the Spanish way of life and its history first-hand.

Semana Santa (Holy week) is celebrated during the month of March and is one of Spain’s most popular religious festivals. Even if you are not religious this festival should not missed. During the event members of the church will walk their patron aloft through the streets lit by hundreds of candles. This truly is a sight to behold.

San Fermin (Pamplona Bull Run) held every year during the month of July the Pamplona Bull run is perhaps Spain’s most famous festival. Every morning at 8am the worlds bravest will attempt to outrun a heard of angry bulls. Even if you go to just witness the festival it is an experience your unlikely to forget.

La Tomatina is celebrated in the Valencian town of Bunol on the last Wednesday of the month of August. It is a festival that since 1945 participants from across the globe have gathered together to throw tomatoes at each other for the purposes of having fun and for entertainment. After the event which usually lasts for around an hour the streets are cleaned by fire trucks. The clean up has over the years become part of the fun with people enjoying being cleaned by the powerful hoses.