Holidays in Turkey

Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) is a awe inspiring building dating as far back at the 4th century. As well as its extraordinary beauty it offers a rich tapestry history, it holds significant religious importance and is one of the architectural beauties of the world.

The Topkapi Palace is now an opulent museum in the City of Istanbul, Turkey. Built in the 15th century it has been home to many of the Ottoman sultans and an administrative headquarters to the growing Ottoman empire. The interiors are to this day filled with elaborate tiling, breath-taking artefacts and lavish décor at every turn giving the modern tourist a glimpse into the lives of the sultans of the past. The surrounding public gardens were once the sole domain of the Royal Court but are now open to the public and provide a tranquil, green respite from the city streets.

Pamukkale is a town in western Turkey and is home to one of the countries most famous natural wonders. Pamukkale (“Cotton Castle” in English) has mineral-rich, thermal waters that cascade down white travertine terraces. These waters are visited by thousand every year for not only the natural beauty but by those seeking the soothing, healing properties of the warm waters.

Ölüdeniz is situated on the southwest coast of turkey. The village boasts one of the most exquisite coasts lines in the world with lush green forests that tumble down a cliff to a shore, which has been nick-named “the blue lagoon of Oludeniz” the water here is crystal clear with impossibly white, soft sand.